So I feel like I’m sort of at a cross roads….


Almost a year ago I moved to my new barn because I felt that I had no other options. I wasn’t getting the help I needed at my old barn and I knew this new trainer. I’d known her for a long time and I knew she could fix the crazy horse problem I was having.


So we went into full training for a few months and she did exactly that. She fixed looney toon Dancer and made him sane again. And I owe her a debt of gratitude for that. But I think that was in the ginormous  checks I wrote every month.

She has also helped me build my confidence and my riding has definitely improved over the last year. Both Dancer and I have improved.

I dropped full training and kept lessons and that’s when it seemed to cycle down. No longer did we work with my schedule at all but instead I was expected to leave work early and miss things for lessons. I started to feel like I had before when I ridden with her (the reason I’d stopped before). And I started to get really stressed about being able to make lessons I’d already payed for. (and if I can’t do lessons…)

Other things bothered me too. My husband built a tack room for the “client boarders” and we were never repayed. In lessons or money. Barely thanked.

When we went somewhere, such as the Fresno clinic. She was always late but once she got there we had to HURRY UP! Not how I do things.

Traveling with her anywhere is also SUPER EXPENSIVE!grass thief

And sort of the final thing. I had a mini “Dancer Meltdown” after the Fresno Clinic. He was so naughty I just “wanted to sell him”.  And I had expected her to calm me down and help me think of ways to help him and me become a better team. Instead she jumped on the sale wagon and started giving me prices on what he’s worth now but I should send him to a show and he’d be worth more…etc.

(Don’t worry I got over it….love my pony)

I mostly love the barn. It would be nice if there was more than one arena. John had talked about making cross country jumps for the hills. And he’s basically turned out all the time.

And you can’t beat the board….

And I mostly knew some of these things going in. I knew there weren’t many people and I’d be by myself a lot at night. I wasn’t aware of the lesson problem. I knew she was expensive (not how much though because I was a working student before) But like I said, I didn’t want to lose Dancer and I felt I had no where else to go.jumping


A stall is opening up in March at a barn down the road. I met with the trainer and the barn manager and they seem awesome (super sarcastic so they speak my language) They call the barn their second family which is what I miss about my old barn.

Three arenas, a round pen, a eurosizer, galloping track and turn outs. (and maybe a field to set up cross country a bit) Stalls with big paddocks and 4 meals a day. Blanketing that is done by how hot the horse is rather than just on off…..Dressage trainer and a traveling eventing trainer I could show with. And a bunch of eventing girls to hang out with that have jobs so ride when I do!


It’s more expensive AND I don’t want to be a barnhopper!



Update…. decision was “made” but I’d still love to hear your thoughts!


One thought on “Decisions

  1. Disclaimer that I’m a bit of a barn hopper too. I would go without burning a bridge. Make the move more about your social life than the rest of it. I’ve left a barn for very similar reasons- trainer forced me to ride at times that really didn’t work for me and after a few bad rides told me to sell the horse (glad I didn’t!). But it’s always nice to remain friendly, that trainer and I are still on good terms and I’d probably be riding with her now if she was still in the area (both of us have matured and she is a lot more accomplished!). Now I’m super curious about your decision 🙂


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