You know those artsy eye photos people take?

So last Wednesday I came out to the barn all ready to ride my pony and I found this…..


And I panicked because that’s who I am. Immediately I took a photo and texted my vet friend. She said, take a better photo. Haha!


So I did.  And because of the hangy flap thing she told me to call my vet. I sent my vet the photo and he told me that faces can be sutured up to a few days later and he would come out tomorrow morning and see him (it was 8:30) Fine.


When the vet saw him the next day he cleaned it really well and cut the flappy part off.  He said his actual eye was fine (Thank GOD) and that we could put a stitch in the big part but we didn’t have to. I chose not to and to see what would happen.

It’s healing really well. I think my biggest irritation about the whole situation is that no one saw it and called me. I don’t expect my horse to be watched 24/7 but the cut was at least a few hours old when I found it… and he’s been fed and blanketed during that period.

What if I hadn’t come out to the barn that night?


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