Ulcer Gard saves the day

So we moved to the new barn on the 26 of Feb…..

We moved into a box stall for the time being because our stall was not yet available….

And so the story goes…


First thing that happens of course is he gets an owie that panics me because it blows up his let…. better in a few days….crisis averted…

mini and freebie waterside 278

He’d also cut his back the day before we left so I hadn’t ridden him in a while. When I tried to get on him, after lunging, for my lesson…..I got bucking and rearing….awesome…

The next day I had a lesson with the jump trainer and we could only go sideways….double awesome…


Oh and we broke our halter that day being anxious….

I talked to the head trainer that day and we decided to change his grain back to the original grain I had him on for 5 days and see what  would happen…..IMG_0425

During that time he moved to his room with a view….Still an ass….

On Monday he reared, struck out at me and bolted while staring at the Eurociser…after I’d lounged him in the round pen…..Obviously the grain fix wasn’t working….

Next step….


Started him on this stuff on Tuesday and Wednesday night I had this…..IMG_0446

Yes that’s Dancer with the Eurociser in the background, just eating grass…. happy and relaxed….


So 30 days of Ulcer Guard and then he’ll go on a preventative. Not the cheapest solution (not the most expensive by far either though!!!). but if it gets me my pony back I’ll take it.

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