So you know at the top of the page my blog says “Going Rouge Dancer” and then “some things are worth the wait”?

When I first wrote that I had no idea what kind of waiting I was going to be doing.

First it was my confidence.

Then when I’d conquered that just a little and was riding a lot (even went to a horse trial)!

He tore his suspensory and we waited for him to get better.

I rode him for about 6 months after that.

Then he tore open his back before we mo

This was like 3 weeks later



We though it was ulcers.  (He did) So treat them we did. And I got four awesome days of riding.

And then he told me his back hurt…. A Lot….

Maybe I should change it to some things are worth the wait…..on the ground?


The vet came out of last Tuesday (April 25th?) and he’s so sore that when the vet was flexing his hock and he tried to steady himself on Dancer’s back and Dancer just about flew through the roof.

He’s a little off but not bad. But the back and hock x-rays are clean. So its some sort of soft tissue. And we are pretty sure the root of it is his back. As of yesterday I think he’s responding to the roboxin (muscle relaxer) and Equinox (pain killer)

Where’s that cookie Mom? I don’t care if there is a pill hiding on it!

And he’s allowed to do anything but be ridden. SO LOTS of exercise is being had. No crazy killer ponies this time!

IMG_0474 2
Who did he pay to get a prescription of turnout and hand grazing?

And I’m hopeful!

Vet comes back on Tuesday….

Fingers crossed I get my pony back soon!

From the last time I rode him!



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