And then I was horseless


I sold Dancer a few Saturdays ago.  To a wonderful women who is a little quirky but

THE perfect match for him!


And its the second hardest thing I’ve ever had to do in my lifetime.

kiss copy

He was my first horse


My pony that took me to my first event and took great care of me.


And had the goofiest personality that could always make you smile.


But then he got hurt..


And we walked all those months…


And I just never got that nice pony back….

He was still sweet and cuddly but his attitude had changed in a way I didn’t like.

I tried and tried but in the end it was better for us to part ways..


He’s still going to be an eventer so I will see him at shows…..

And I may have driven over 1,ooo miles with some very good friends to check out something new this weekend.

good things

Cross your fingers!

And check out to continue to follow my(our) adventures

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