The Human

Hi my name is Sheila and I’ve been flying horseless for a long time. By this I mean I’ve been riding over 20 years and never really owned my own horse.
I got the horse bug when I was 7. My silly parents thought it would be fun to let me ride the their friends horse a little bit. I’m sure they regret that now. I was hooked. I begged for more.
They found a teenager with two horses and they let us go out on trail rides. Looking back I can’t imagine how I survived. Knowing nothing and racing down the trails with no helmets but I did and it eventually led to lessons when the girl moved.
Lessons of course turned into working at the barn which was fantastic until my parents decided it was too much of a hassle to drive me that far all the time. Sigh……
So I joined the local 4-H program. After the club cycled through a few crazy leaders we finally got a good one……And I met the love of my life.. Meet Charlie.

He was 23 when I met him and had been a champion hunter/jumper back in his day. Still had enough in him to teach me. I rode him until I left for college. He passed during my first year back at school while I was home on break. I think he waited for me to come home and say goodbye.

College was pretty horseless aside from three quarters. Two I took some western riding classes and one I got to take an english riding class.

After college I moved to Napa and started riding/ working for an eventing barn. I fell in love with the sport and with this guy.

That’s Pluto. He’s pretty cool but one of the problems with flying horseless is when you have to move barns (or the barn moves away) the horse doesn’t go with you. Miss that guy.

Never fear though. I’ve decided to quit flying horseless. Instead I’m Going Rogue!